Polyurethane Foam Roofing

PF roofing systems deliver superb insulating R-value, and a seamless, tailer-made roof that can be sprayed over almost any type of substrate. Ponding areas can be easily filled in, the pitch of the roof can be changed, or crickets can be created by simply adding some more foam. We spray a minimum of one inch of foam over the entire surface to be covered. We spray on an elastomeric base coat, and then a highly reflective, white top coat; to protect the foam. You can get a non pro-rated 18yr. warranty with this system, and it’s renewable with a simple re-coat.

Benefits of the foam system:

  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Stops air infiltration; the leading cause of energy loss.
  • Seamless barrier to protect your structure. No seams or fasteners.
  • Self-flashing.
  • Can eliminate the need for time-consuming, costly, tear off and disposal.
  • A phenomenal ROI (return on investment). Can pay for itself within 7 yrs. (results may vary)
  • R-value 6.5 per inch.
  • Fully adheres to most substrates.
  • Adds structural strength.
  • Diminishes noise transmission.
  • High non pro-rated warranties.
  • Warranties renewable with a re-coat.
  • Easy and affordable to repair.
Spray Foam, Conklin